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+977-9846716683 info@blissfulnepal.com

Jhalak Simkhada

Founder and CEO


Jhalak Simkhada is a trailblazer in the adventure travel industry, bringing over two decades of extensive trekking experience to the forefront as the visionary Founder and CEO of Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour. His relentless passion for exploration and commitment to delivering unparalleled trekking experiences have shaped the ethos of the agency.

Professional Journey:

Jhalak Simkhada’s journey as an avid trekker and guide is distinguished by an unwavering dedication to sharing the beauty of Nepal’s landscapes with global adventurers. With a wealth of experience guiding diverse groups across the world, he has honed his expertise, ensuring each trekker experiences Nepal’s breathtaking vistas and cultural richness firsthand.

Trekking Mastery:

Having led numerous expeditions, Jhalak Simkhada’s expertise shines through his extensive familiarity with the Himalayas. Notably, he has successfully completed the iconic Everest Base Camp trek over hundreds times, showcasing his unmatched understanding of the route and commitment to providing an unparalleled trekking adventure.

Entrepreneurial Vision:

As the driving force behind Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour, Jhalak Simkhada is dedicated to curating transformative experiences. His leadership is characterized by a deep-rooted respect for nature, a commitment to sustainable tourism, and a mission to foster cultural exchange through meticulously crafted trekking and tour packages.

Philosophy and Approach:

Jhalak Simkhada’s philosophy revolves around fostering connections with nature and local communities. He believes in not only exploring the natural wonders but also instilling a sense of responsibility to preserve these environments. His approach emphasizes safety, education, and the creation of meaningful experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Contributions to the Trekking Community:

Beyond leading expeditions, Jhalak Simkhada actively contributes to the trekking community. He advocates for responsible trekking practices, promotes safety standards, and shares insights to enhance trekking experiences. His commitment to education ensures that every journey undertaken through Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour embodies environmental consciousness and cultural appreciation.

Jhalak Simkhada’s dedication to redefining the trekking and tour experience through Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour exemplifies his unwavering commitment to providing transformative journeys that inspire appreciation for nature’s wonders and cultural diversity.