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Sajjan Simkhada

Australia Representative


At the young age, Sajjan Simkhada stands as an embodiment of Nepal’s rich cultural heritage and scenic wonders, thanks to the profound mentorship received from his father, a veteran mountain guide with over two decades of experience. Despite his youth, Sajjan’s immersion in Nepal’s diverse landscapes and cultural tapestry began at an early age, shaping his understanding and passion for his homeland.

Background and Influence:

Born and raised in a family deeply rooted in Nepal’s trekking legacy, Sajjan Simkhada inherited a wealth of knowledge about the country’s breathtaking terrains and cultural treasures. Learning from his father’s extensive experience as a mountain guide, Sajjan gained an intimate understanding of Nepal’s hidden gems, traditions, and trekking routes, fostering a profound connection to the country’s essence.

Studies and Travel Representation:

Currently pursuing his studies in Australia, Sajjan Simkhada adeptly balances academia while passionately representing Nepal as an enthusiastic travel representative for those seeking to explore the wonders of his homeland. His unique perspective, stemming from a blend of formal education and firsthand experiences, enables him to offer invaluable insights and guidance to travelers planning their journeys to Nepal.

Assisting Travelers:

Drawing from his comprehensive knowledge of Nepal’s landscapes, cultural heritage, and trekking trails, Sajjan extends a helping hand to travelers from Australia interested in visiting Nepal. His dedication to providing personalized recommendations and guidance reflects his commitment to ensuring that each traveler’s experience in Nepal is enriching, authentic, and tailored to their preferences.

Vision and Contribution:

Sajjan Simkhada’s aspiration goes beyond serving as a travel representative. He envisions bridging cultures and fostering meaningful connections between Australia and Nepal, aiming to showcase the unparalleled beauty of Nepal’s landscapes and heritage to global travelers.

Despite his young age, Sajjan Simkhada’s passion, enriched by his father’s guidance and his own exploration, drives him to share the wonders of Nepal with travelers from across the globe, while he continues to pursue his studies in Australia.