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+977-9846716683 info@blissfulnepal.com

Sanjib Simkhada

Travel Planner

Sanjib Simkhada brings over seven years of seasoned expertise in digital marketing, coupled with extensive experience as a proficient travel planner across various travel agencies in Nepal. His illustrious career in both domains has uniquely positioned him as a driving force behind the inception and growth of a new travel agency, marking a harmonious blend of father-son passion for travel.

Digital Marketing and Travel Planning Expertise:

Sanjib’s journey began in the realm of digital marketing, where he honed his skills and garnered invaluable experience over seven years. Simultaneously, he delved into the intricacies of travel planning, serving different travel agencies in Nepal. His adeptness in both fields allowed him to masterfully integrate digital strategies with travel planning, optimizing online platforms to enhance travel experiences.

Collaboration with Father’s Vision:

Now, embarking on a new chapter, Sanjib Simkhada collaborates with his father to establish a pioneering travel agency. The union of their shared passion for travel and their combined expertise in digital marketing and travel planning is the cornerstone of their agency’s ethos. Together, they aim to offer unparalleled experiences and redefine travel services in Nepal.

Innovative Approach and Dedication:

Sanjib’s innovative approach, shaped by years of digital marketing proficiency, adds a dynamic edge to the new venture. His dedication to leveraging digital platforms and strategies ensures that the agency not only offers exceptional travel services but also resonates with a modern audience seeking seamless and immersive travel experiences.

Embracing Shared Passion:

The father-son duo’s synergy is fueled by a mutual love for exploration and a deep-rooted commitment to sharing Nepal’s wonders with travelers worldwide. Their collaborative efforts embody a blend of tradition and innovation, aiming to create unforgettable journeys while staying true to their heritage and values.

Sanjib Simkhada’s transition from a digital marketing expert and travel planner to a co-founder of a new travel agency signifies a harmonious amalgamation of expertise, innovation, and a shared passion for travel, marking the beginning of an exciting venture dedicated to redefining the travel experience in Nepal.