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Santosh Dhakal

Santosh Dhakal

Trekking Guide


Santosh Dhakal stands as an experienced and seasoned trek guide with an unparalleled knowledge of Nepal’s diverse trekking routes. His extensive exploration of all the trekking trails across the country has established him as a trusted and knowledgeable companion for adventurers seeking unparalleled trekking experiences.

Expertise and Exploration:

With a remarkable feat of having traversed all of Nepal’s trekking routes, Santosh brings an unparalleled level of expertise to each trek. His in-depth familiarity with the diverse terrains, varying altitudes, and unique cultural encounters along the routes makes him an invaluable asset for trekkers seeking an authentic and immersive experience.

Passion for Trekking:

Santosh’s passion for trekking goes beyond professional obligations; it’s a deeply ingrained part of his lifestyle. His love for the great outdoors, coupled with his profound appreciation for Nepal’s natural beauty, is evident in his unwavering dedication to guiding and sharing his trekking experiences with fellow adventurers.

Local Insights and Cultural Connections:

Having trekked through every trail in Nepal, Santosh Dhakal possesses an intimate understanding of local cultures and traditions scattered across the country. His interactions with diverse communities along these routes allow him to offer trekkers genuine insights into the unique customs, lifestyles, and hospitality of Nepal’s inhabitants.

Safety and Leadership:

Santosh’s paramount concern is the safety and well-being of trekkers under his guidance. His leadership skills, coupled with his extensive knowledge of the trails, enable him to navigate challenging terrains while ensuring a secure and enjoyable trekking experience for every individual in his care.

Vision for Trekking Adventures:

Santosh Dhakal’s vision extends beyond merely guiding trekkers; he aims to inspire a deeper connection between people and nature. His mission is to instill a profound appreciation for Nepal’s breathtaking landscapes and diverse cultures, fostering a sense of responsibility towards preserving these natural wonders.

As a dedicated trek guide who has conquered every trekking route in Nepal, Santosh Dhakal epitomizes expertise, passion, and a genuine love for adventure. His commitment to providing transformative trekking experiences ensures that every journey through Nepal’s trails is an unforgettable odyssey for adventurers seeking the ultimate trekking escapade.