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+977-9846716683 info@blissfulnepal.com

Our Guides, Trip and Safety

According to 32 Himalayan Connexions, in order to run safe tours, we must work with the greatest guides and have the best staffs to help us accomplish our goals. Because they were born and raised in the region where we do our treks, the guides we choose are also local experts. Two benefits result from doing so. In addition to giving locals employment possibilities, we will also provide our visitors with the greatest tour guides that are intimately familiar with the area.

Our tour leaders are knowledgeable and trustworthy. Most of our guides are attentive, patient, and sympathetic, yet they also generally have;

  1. Certificate for wilderness first responders (WFR)
  2. Safety First Education
  3. Emergency Response/Medical Evacuation

They are well trained in technical rescue as well as evacuation situations should the need be. Furthermore, many of them have already ascended atop Mt. Everest and several other peaks, making them assets for both the company and our guests.

For safety during the trip forms the core of our philosophy, we are always committed to offer you hassle-free trips so that you can make the most out of your time in the Himalayas. Our safety measures for the trek starts right from the moment we begin preparing the itineraries. We set a proper acclimatization period and work carefully with the altitude while ascending. We try to minimize your chance of getting altitude sickness as much as we can.

We maintain a high hygiene standard while cooking meals through the trek, and we dispose of our own garbage, therefore, promoting Responsible Tourism. First aid kits, high altitude Gamow bag, oxygen as well as other items are always on hand during the trip to ensure the safety standards of our trips. Should there be any cases of emergency, we are always alert and ready to provide the best assistance possible.

Your safety during the trek is our top priority.