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Terms and Conditions

Travel Insurance Requirements

Before embarking on the trek, it is mandatory for all participants to provide proof of valid travel insurance that specifically covers trekking activities up to an altitude of 6000m. This insurance should include comprehensive medical evacuation coverage up to $5000, ensuring it covers upfront payment for emergency evacuation in Nepal. Participants should meticulously review their insurance policy details, verifying that it covers all incurred expenses while traveling and is applicable for the specific trekking days. Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour strongly advises individuals to contact their insurance providers directly to clarify all specifics, particularly regarding trekking-related activities and coverage for climbing if ascending trekking peaks.

Hospital Report and Insurance Claim Procedures

In the rare event of evacuation, individuals are required to obtain a hospital report in Nepal immediately upon reaching a lower elevation post-evacuation, even if symptoms of altitude sickness subside. This report is crucial for initiating insurance claims and requires a payment of $150, which participants are accountable for. While most insurance companies cover evacuation costs before departure, it’s essential to verify beforehand whether the insurance policy will cover expenses directly in Nepal or require out-of-pocket payment for later reimbursement. It is recommended to thoroughly understand the insurance policy’s stipulations, especially in case of emergencies or evacuations.

Travel Restrictions and COVID-19 Protocols

Continuously monitor travel restrictions and advisories posted on the Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour blog and official embassy channels. Considering the unpredictable nature of COVID-19, participants should be aware that stringent regulations may necessitate up to a 10-day quarantine upon arrival in Nepal or even extended quarantine periods upon testing positive for COVID-19. Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour includes a set number of hotel nights in their trekking packages; however, extra nights required for quarantine or COVID-19 testing are not part of the package. Participants are urged to anticipate the possibility of tightened COVID-19 restrictions leading to cancellations of international and domestic flights to and from Nepal. Booking flexible flight tickets is advisable to facilitate potential changes in travel plans. Flexibility, patience, and extra time may be indispensable for a smooth journey to Everest Base Camp. It should be noted that Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour cannot be held responsible for policy alterations or the implementation of such policies. Nonetheless, the company endeavors to ensure a seamless trip experience for participants throughout their stay in Nepal.

Flight Delays and Alternative Transport

The Himalayas’ erratic weather conditions often result in flight delays between Kathmandu and Lukla, the starting point for the Everest Base Camp trek. In instances where flights are delayed or canceled, alternative transportation is arranged by Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour without additional charges. Moreover, due to ongoing upgrades at Kathmandu Airport, Lukla flights might temporarily operate from Ramechhap, necessitating a four-hour drive from Kathmandu. Transport to and from the airport is provided at no extra cost, if required. In situations of flight cancellation, Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour offers options to rebook the flight for the following day or arrange chartered helicopters. Participants opting for helicopter transport instead of their scheduled flight are eligible for a partial refund of the flight fare, subject to specific conditions. However, it is imperative to understand that helicopter availability depends on various factors, including prior commitments, weather conditions, and demand fluctuations, and therefore prices may vary. Additionally, participants should note that in cases where helicopters are limited, they might only be accessible for transport to Phaplu, an airstrip below Lukla. Subsequently, Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour can facilitate transportation via jeep from Phaplu to Kathmandu, a journey that may span between 10 to 14 hours on rugged roads. In situations where travelers have additional time to spare in Nepal, waiting for improved weather conditions at Lukla may be advantageous before proceeding with the trek. It is essential to remain flexible, as airline and helicopter companies frequently modify flight routes and confirmations in response to prevailing conditions.

Additional Days and Hotel Accommodation

Due to potential flight delays lasting several days, participants are encouraged to add extra days to their itinerary, particularly post-trek, to accommodate any unexpected extensions. Upon notifying Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour of their departure date, participants can arrange for extra hotel nights in Kathmandu for a fee of $89 per night, payable directly to the hotel.

Extra Costs and Exclusions

While trekking packages offered by Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour are comprehensive, participants are advised to budget an additional $300 to $400 for unforeseen expenses during the trek, including gratuities. Moreover, costs resulting from flight cancellations, weather conditions, visa fees ($40 USD), and rental gear such as sleeping bags ($20) and down jackets ($15) if required, are not included in the package. While meals on the trek are covered, breakfast is provided in Kathmandu only. Additionally, tips for guides and porters, typically around 10% of the trek price, are not part of the package. Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour does not provide bottled water on the trek; however, it is available for purchase at varying prices along the trail. Alternatively, participants can acquire water tablets in Kathmandu for roughly $2, enabling water purification during the trek. Furthermore, expenses related to Wi-Fi access, charging electronic devices, and hot showers at tea houses incur additional charges, typically ranging from $1 to $6.

Delayed Luggage and Arrangements

In situations where luggage is delayed upon arrival in Kathmandu and participants need to commence the trek, Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour offers assistance in retrieving luggage and transporting it to the trek location. Participants must complete the lost luggage form at the airport and grant permission for Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour to collect the luggage on their behalf. The company endeavors to retrieve the luggage on the next available flight and subsequently transport it via a porter to catch up with the participant along the trek. Additional costs are contingent on the luggage’s location on the trail, and reimbursement might be feasible through insurance. It is important to note that while the company assists in facilitating luggage retrieval, it cannot be held accountable for airline-related delays.

Hotel Accommodation in Kathmandu

Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour includes two nights of hotel accommodation in Kathmandu as part of most trekking packages. The primary choice for accommodation is the centrally located Kathmandu Sweet Home in Thamel. However, in cases where the Kathmandu Sweet Home is unavailable, participants will be accommodated at an alternate hotel of similar quality. For participants requiring extra hotel nights, Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour offers rooms at specified rates: $70 for a single room, $90 for a double room, and $110 for a triple room. Any unused hotel nights will not be charged, provided the booking is coordinated through Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour. However, participants booking accommodations independently are responsible for managing reservation changes directly with the hotel. In instances where the Kathmandu sweet is unavailable post-trek, Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour arranges accommodation at an equivalent hotel in Thamel and ensures the transfer of luggage at no additional expense. Nevertheless, participants are urged to allow a few hours for luggage transfer upon arrival in Kathmandu.

Acclimatization, Fitness, and Sickness

Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour itineraries are meticulously designed to facilitate proper acclimatization, although individual reactions to altitude may vary. Acclimatization primarily involves gradual ascent and prolonged stay at higher elevations. Participants experiencing illness or severe symptoms of altitude sickness while desiring to continue the trek should contact Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour promptly for assistance. However, participants should be aware that arranging an alternative itinerary might take several days, necessitating at least three additional days in Nepal or flexibility in altering international flight schedules. The company’s policies concerning Everest Region treks differ based on seasonal factors and the availability of trekking groups. During peak seasons, joining other trekking groups is feasible, allowing individuals to wait and recover before joining a subsequent group. However, a fee of $75 per extra day beyond the original schedule may apply. Conversely, during off-peak seasons when group options are limited, participants may need to descend to Namche, accompanied by a porter or assistant guide. Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour will organize a new trekking guide based on the adjusted schedule, albeit this service is only available between Nov 15th and Feb 15th and incurs an additional charge of $350, excluding any fees for extra days on the trek beyond the initial schedule. Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour undertakes the responsibility of rearranging Lukla flight schedules in cases of itinerary changes; however, participants might be assigned lower flight priority compared to their original ticket.

Solo Travelers and Guaranteed Deposits

Solo travelers are welcome, typically allocated single rooms in Kathmandu but may share rooms during the trek. However, based on availability, private rooms during the trek might be arranged upon request. Participants traveling solo, especially if not part of a group trek or the sole booking for a fixed departure group trek, may incur an additional charge of $30 per day for a porter. Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour ensures that deposited funds remain secure for future trips, permitting flexibility in altering dates or transferring deposits to other destinations the company serves, such as Patagonia or Tanzania. Participants are required to notify the company of any changes at least 14 days before the scheduled trip; failure to do so might result in forfeiture of the deposit.

Cancellation Policies and Trip Interruptions

Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour accommodates rescheduling requests free of charge with a minimum notice period of 6 weeks before the trip. Deposits are fully refundable within 30 days of booking, while refunds are not applicable beyond this period due to pre-booked hotel and tour reservations. The company advises prompt communication in case of any changes in travel plans. In the event of natural disasters, civil unrest, epidemics, airport closures, travel advisories, or unforeseen events beyond the company’s control necessitating trek cancellation, Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour endeavors to reschedule the trek at no extra cost. Nevertheless, the standard refund policy for deposits remains applicable. Participants are encouraged to obtain travel insurance covering trip interruptions and cancellations to mitigate any financial losses resulting from unforeseen events during the trek.

Early Termination of a Trek and Payment Procedures

In cases where participants conclude the trek ahead of schedule due to personal reasons or health concerns, Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour does not offer refunds for unused trek days. This policy is due to the company’s obligation to compensate guides and porters for their committed time.

Payments for trekking packages necessitate a deposit before arrival, with the remaining balance payable in a major currency at Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour’s office in Kathmandu upon arrival. Participants opting for credit or debit card payments in Nepal will incur an additional 3.5% charge to cover local taxes and transaction fees. Receipt of payment confirmation from Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour is typically provided within 24 to 48 hours for online payments or upon fund verification for bank transfers.

Payments from Indian Guests and Currency Information

Deposits from Indian guests can be made through the online payment gateway or directly to Blissful Nepal Trekking and Tour’s Indian account upon request. Remaining payments should be made in Indian Rupees or another major currency at the company’s office in Kathmandu, Nepal. Similar to credit/debit card payments by other participants, Indian guests paying with cards in Nepal incur an additional charge covering local taxes and transaction fees. Confirmation of payment receipt is provided within 24 to 48 hours for online payments, while bank transfer confirmations are sent upon fund verification.

Currency and Passport/Visa Requirements

All trek costs are indicated in USD. While online payments’ actual exchange rates are determined by credit card companies, in-person payments for the remaining balance in local currency are calculated based on prevailing rates from xe.com.

Passports and Visas (Nepal)

To enter Nepal, certain visa fees apply, payable upon arrival. It is advisable to pay these fees in cash using a major currency, although the visa desk might not always accept credit cards. Ensure your passport has a blank page and at least 6 months’ validity from the date of entry into Nepal. Checking this information soon after booking your trek is essential to avoid last-minute inconveniences.

  • Visa Fees:
    • USD 30 or equivalent in other convertible foreign currencies for a 15-day visa.
    • USD 50 or equivalent for a 30-day visa.
    • USD 125 or equivalent for a 90-day visa.

For any further inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us or refer to the official publication from the Nepal Visa Office.

Refusal of Service

We reserve the right to decline service either in Kathmandu or during the trek. Unacceptable behavior such as fighting, excessive drinking, verbal abuse towards others in the group, guides, or staff may result in immediate termination of our services. We expect respectful conduct towards our team and fellow trekkers.

Acceptance of Terms

By making a deposit, you acknowledge and agree to our terms of service. We retain the right to modify these terms as necessary. Should you have any queries regarding our policies, please don’t hesitate to ask for clarification.