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How much does Langtang Trek Cost?

Langtang Trek Cost

Before embarking on the Langtang trek, it’s crucial to be aware of the costs involved to plan your budget effectively. The Langtang region offers a more affordable trekking option compared to some other popular treks in Nepal. The total cost typically includes permits, accommodation, meals, and guide/porter fees.

Langtang  Trek Cost includes all your expenses during your journey. All the costs depend upon the service you take. As for your personal, it depends upon your wish. Langtang Valley Trek cost depend upon your budget. In an estimate, you need to have $600-$900 for Langtang Valley Trek.

Langtang Trek Cost

Langtang Trek Cost depend upon the following factors:

  • Your holidays- 5 days, 7 days, 11 days?
  • Season
  • Accommodation type
  • Food and Drinks
  • Services as take during your trek such as Wi-Fi, Telephone, charging your batteries
  • Permits
  • Transportation (Public or Private Vehicle)
  • Guides and Porters

Taking information about the Langtang trek cost is an essential part of your trekking session. Besides that, you need to know about the trekking season in Langtang Trek, the weather of Langtang Trek, necessary Permits for Langtang trek.


Basically, for the Langtang trek, you need to have two permits. These permits are necessary for Langtang Trek. Whole over the Langtang region, you need to carry your permits. In case if you don’t have permits and walking as a trekker, you will be charged extra or get punishment on the spot for the violation of rules.

You can receive your both permits from Nepal Tourism Board, Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu. But in case if you can’t manage your permits from Kathmandu then you can receive your permits at the starting of the trails.

Here are two permits which are necessary for Langtang Trek:

  • TIMS (Trekker’s Information Management System): Individual: $20, Group: $10 or SAARC national: $10
  • Langtang National Park Entry Permit ( Individual and group: $35, SAARC national: $25)

Have you planned to trek with us? We will manage all the necessary permits and documents that are needed during your trek. Likely provide us a valid copy of your passport and the passport-size photo.


Your trekking starts from Kathmandu valley where you can take different types of accommodation according to your budget. You will get good accommodation with the starting days of your trek. But in the higher region, you can get basic, comfortable, and cozy rooms.

The accommodation costs range from $3-$6 per day during the trekking seasons. If you want a simple and comfortable room then it may charge less. But during the off-season like monsoon and winter, the accommodation costs drop to $2-$5 due to less number of trekkers. You can see tea houses less crowded during off-seasons.

Meals and Drinks

At the Langtang region, you can find several Tea House and Lodges. For food, you can have many options. You can have a taste of Nepali “Dal and Bhat” Or menus items. Due to the high altitude and remote place you need to may more than in the Lower region. In the lower region, if you pay around $5 for morning meals but after reaching a higher region you should pay around $8 per person. You can carry some snacks like Chocolates, Snickers, a Granola bar, etc.

For drinks, you will find a range of options like coffee, Milk Tea, Black Tea, Ginger Tea, Lemon Tea, and so on. For a bottle of drinking water, you will pay $2 in the lower region but you will pay $5 in the higher region. You must carry water purifying tablets so that you should not pay for water. If you carry water purifying tablets then you can fill up water from natural resources and make drinkable.


You can have a trek between 7-11 days in Langtang. The longer time you stay in the Langtang region, the higher cost you will pay for accommodation, foods, guides, and porter. Spending more time may increase your Langtang Trek Cost.


This trek starts from Syabrubeshi- 8 hours by local bus and 5 hours by private vehicle. After that, you will start to hike and begins your journey. You need to pay around $ for local buses but if you want to travel with peace and at a less crowded place then you can hire a private vehicle that may cost $200. You can also travel on a tourist bus which will take you up to Maccha Pokhari Bus Station and charge you from $7-$10 per person.

Guides and Porters

While traveling to new places it is tough to find the routes so that you can hire experienced guides and porters. If you are having a trek for the first time then you highly recommend you to have a compulsory guide and porter. An experienced guide will help you in every situation. They will help you to describe the culture, lifestyle of local people, and others many more during your journey.

In addition, you should not worry about permits, accommodation, foods, carrying your luggage, and other similar things. But mainly make sure to check the license of a guide which is authorized by the Government of Nepal.

An experienced guide will charge $30 per day and a porter will charge $20 per day. So if you are planning to trek then we can arrange a good and licensed guide and porter for you.

Insurance Costs

Langtang region is a remote area as compare to other regions in Nepal. So we advise you to have your life insurance in case of any serious injury. During your journey, you may feel uncomfortable and emergency may occur so that it is necessary to have life insurance. There are chances of serious injury, loss of luggage, flight delay, or cancellation so that you may need help helicopter evacuation as well. Insurance can be done for 30 days and it will cost around $ per person. But price depends upon companies.

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