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Manaslu Weather and Temperature

Manaslu Weather and Temperature

Manaslu is one of the restricted and famous tourist destinations in Nepal. As this region is a restricted area of Nepal, you need to have a special permit to explore. Apart from the permits, the most important thing you need to know about the Manaslu weather and Temperature for perfect hiking in the Manaslu Himalayas.

Manaslu Circuit is a high altitude trek with a maximum altitude of 5,213 meters to Larkya La Pass-one of the highest pass in Nepal. Needless to say, due to the high altitude weather in this region it is cold throughout the whole year. At such high altitudes, the weather can be unpredictable.

Fast altitude gains and the altitude drop while having trekking are the factors that make the weather of the Manaslu region quick change. Due to the unfavorable weather, vegetation in this region is not so good as compare to others. Awesome landscapes, waterfalls, Himalayas, rivers, and many other natural things attract the tourist to explore this region.

Geography of Manaslu

Mount Manaslu is the 8th highest mountain in the world with its height of 8136  meters. This mountain lies in the central-western part of Nepal and also 64 kilometers east of Massif Annapurna. This area is was declared as a conservation area in 199. The total area of the Manaslu Conservation area is 1663 square kilometers. From tropic to Artic, there is a total of 6 climatic zones are there in this region. Manaslu region is the home of more than 2,000 species of a flowering plant. In addition, a variety of birds, mammals, and reptiles can also be seen in the Manaslu region. Some of the endangered animals like snow leopard, musk deer, and Himalayan Thar can be found in this region. Various mountain peaks like  Himalchuli (7893 meters), Ngadi Chuli (7871 meters), Shringi (7,187 m), Langpo (6,668 meters), and Saula (6235 meters) can be seen in this region. Along with mountain peaks, glacial valleys and long ridges are also available in this region.

Manaslu Weather in Spring(March, April, May)

Basically, three months March, April, and May lie in the spring season. During this season, you can observe the blooms of Rhododendron forests while you are hiking. Walking through the colorful forests of Rhododendron is the best to experience ever. This season is one of the best and safest for trekking expedition than others. This season has less chance of landslide, falling of huge glaciers, and other climatic hazards during your trek. Manaslu weather in spring considered as the best season of the year to explore.


March is the beginning month of the trekking season. It gives cold temperatures and welcomes you to the Manaslu region. Early at the beginning of March, it is difficult to trek due to the cold and winter saying its farewell. Similarly, the temperature in this region might drop to -6 degrees Celsius at a higher region. Likewise, in the second week of March, you can feel a bit warmer than before.

In the lower elevation, you can observe the amazing flora and faunas found here. You can capture Photos as per your wish. Tea houses and Lodges start to open after the second week of March.


April is the best month to travel to the Manaslu region in the Spring season. The temperature and weather in this month are awesome. During the day time temperature lasts from 6-12 degrees Celsius which is perfect for making a magnificent trekking experience. The blooms of Rhododendron forests and local flowers add more beauty to this region. This month is suitable to do the trek at high altitude. In this season farmers start to crop vegetation adding you a glimpse of the local lifestyle.


May sees slow but automatically temperature change into high. Till mid-day, you can observe the awesome views of mountains, observe local flora and faunas, clear skies, and many more. But after midnight, you will observe the gradual change of temperature. Sun rays increase and provide high radiations. During these days, the temperature does not drop below 0 degrees though we are at a higher elevation.

Manaslu Weather in Summer (June, July, August)

Summer is called Monsoon in Nepal. In most parts of Nepal, people enjoy the wet summer so that it is also called the wettest season of the year. There is a high chance of snow falling above 4500 meters. You can observe clear skies, mountains, and landscapes from the higher elevation. Monsoon makes the forests green and provides clear views. During this season, you will observe the various bugs and leeches on your body. Along with these, routes are slippery muddy and it might be difficult to walk through them. This is the rainy season so that it is unpredictable about the rainfall. If rainfall continues then there is a high possibility of blocking roads, landslides, and other many natural disasters.


In the lower region, you can hike in a T-shirt and shorts along with comfortable shoes. The temperature in this region is 26 degrees Celsius during the day. But at night you will feel rainfall and the sky full of clouds. At the starting of June, you can have a trek to the Manaslu region and it is the safest time. As you go higher, the temperature gets to drops a little. You can enjoy the awesome and cool temperature of 10 degrees Celsius.


July is the hottest month of the Summer season. It rains almost all-time at a lower altitude. Hardly, it rains the whole night and nights but it is unpredictable. Usually, mornings are clear during this month. Some time due to heavy rainfall, landslide, and snowfalls you might not be able to trek for a day. Take those days for exploring villages, the lifestyle of local people.


August is also the wettest and hottest month of the Summer season. The temperature in this month is just like in June. This is the last month of the Summer season. The constant rain helps the vegetation and forests to make awesome. You will get a view of waterfalls, mountains, rivers, landscapes, and many awesome things.

Manaslu Weather in Autumn (September, October, November)

After the monsoon, autumns seem to be clear and fresh. Due to heavy rainfall, it makes clear weather and the perfect time for Trekking. The rain would have carried all the dust particles and the sky remains clear and fresh till November. You can observe the stunning and amazing view of snow-capped mountains. Autumn is a very suitable season for trekking in the higher elevation of Nepal including the Manaslu region. This is the best season for those beginners who want to have a taste of the Manaslu region.


September is the month between monsoon and autumn. You can travel to the Manaslu region during mid-September to avoid crowds. Yet early you might observe rainfall in this region. During these months, the Manaslu trek can be done without any fear. The temperature in this region is neither too cold nor too hot in September. September allows trekkers to observe the view of lush green forests and farms, glorious rivers, streams, and waterfalls after the heavy monsoon. At a higher region, the temperature is at about 7 degrees Celsius whereas 21 degrees Celsius in the lower region.


October is the best month to do trekking in the Manaslu region. This month provides awesome temperature and weather conditions. This month is also a great month for Hindus because the two biggest festivals of Nepal, “Dashain and Tihar” also lie in this month.

Days in October is neither cold nor hot. It is a very suitable month to do trekking in this month. During the day time temperature are about 15 degrees Celsius and -2 degrees Celsius at night. The best and crystal clear views of the surrounding mountain peaks and landscapes can be observed from the top of the hill.


This month is also similar to October. Temperature and weather condition is almost the same between these two months. The temperature drops at about -2/-3 degrees Celsius due to high elevation. Though, you can observe an awesome view of Mt. Manaslu and other peaks. The annual Manaslu Trail race is also conducted in these months so that people from all over the world come to participate and witness the event.

Manaslu Weather in Winter (December, January, February)

In winter, days might be cloudy and cold. At higher elevation, it will be so cold that you need to wear lots of clothes. But at a lower altitude, it is suitable for trekking in winter. However, December to February is the winter season so that it difficult to trek at higher altitudes. There might be a sudden and occasional storm in the Manaslu region so that it is risky in winter. During winter, most of the tea houses remain close due to the maximum cold. So, you should call ahead to book your Tea House.


In early December you can have a trek in the drop of Temperature. It is just similar to trek in the last week of November. During these days, there is slowly falling off the temperature and the start of Winter. Some villages like Samdo and Samagaun’s temperature reach up to -8 degrees Celsius. But the temperature in the lower region is 8-10 degrees Celsius. By mid-December, people from these areas migrate to the lower regions to avoid the extreme cold. You might be ill due to extreme cold during winter.

Likewise, the teahouse remains close in Winter due to extreme cold so that you need to carry your camping equipment or alternatives for accommodation and meals yourself. Or else you can contact Tea House for the overnight before starting your trek.


January is the coldest month in the whole year. The temperature in this month is below freezing on the trails. At higher altitude temperature remains -10 to -6 degrees Celsius whereas the average temperature in the lower region is 6-8 degrees Celsius. You can also observe snowfall during these days. In addition, you can also observe the amazing view of snow-capped mountains when the skies are clear and fresh. In January, you might be in a problem with food and accommodation. It is off-season so that it is difficult to get proper accommodation facilities. Tea House remains close so that you must carry some foods, snacks for the duration of the trek in higher elevation. Else, you can carry camping equipment and can enjoy camping with amazing views.


This is the beautiful month between Winter and Spring. In early February, you can observe the view of snow-capped mountains along with snowfall. It looks amazing while snowfalls in the mountains. Yet by mid-February, clear skies, cool weather, blooms of flowers look and feel awesome in Lower altitude. You can walk through the beginning of Rhododendron forests. You can catch the melting of snow from the trees, unfreezing of waterfalls, streams. The awesome nature and villages make it more interesting for Manaslu Trek.

Final Say

Manaslu trek offers you a magnificent view of mountains and landscapes. In addition, you can observe different rare animals in the Manaslu Conservation Area. Thus, the Manaslu region includes many remote villages so that it is difficult to trek.

Always be sure about the weather condition and make a trip to this region. Manaslu Circuit Trek weather and temperature is unpredictable and can change within a couple of hours.

For further queries regarding the Manaslu Circuit Trek weather and Temperature feel free to contact us!

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